Your mother was right when we told you that nothing in life was really free. Unless you’re enrolled on swaggable…then they really do send you free stuff from time to time.

I got an invite (I don’t have a clue how these people get my email) to try yet another freelance freedom/freelancer website. I gave it a shot, because, why not, I still foolishly believe in serendipity.

On the chopping block:


Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 5.04.45 PM

The site design was executed well, the use of stock photography was done well and the whole process took around 15 minutes. For that, I give it props. I went to bid on my first job, and a dialogue box pops up and says “it costs 3 credits to send a quote.” I thought it would be like a few of the other ones that I’ve tried where they give you a freebie to try it out and see if it’s fruitful or not. Test the waters so to speak.

1 credit costs $1.75 USD. No freebie.

That’s steep! Each quote costs around $6.00 to submit, and they only guarantee that it will be seen, not read. In a wold where people are too busy to eat, seen doesn’t mean much.

The Bigger Problem

People willing to work, and work hard shouldn’t EVER have to pay money to apply to jobs. Sites like may seem like a nice alternative to hitting the streets or cold calling, but they take advantage of graphic designers/web designers and digital media artists by charging a fairly significant amount of money (1 credit = like $1.75) on a chance. A chance! If my math is accurate, someone starting out with this site, or any of its competitors are looking at a start up fee of $50.00. (One would have to send 5-7 quotes before one gets accepted.)

When your washing machine breaks down, you don’t have a buffet of repair men throwing $15.00 at you to come fix it.

Charging $6 per quote submittal, for a maybe is a huge risk! I am glad that others are finding luck with this system, but I can’t get past “paying money so I can work.” It doesn’t sit right.

Why should being a graphic designer be any different from a washing machine repair man?

Answer: It shouldn’t.

Mollie C.

PS: Posting a job is free


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