Sometimes the path to accomplishment can be downright boring. Boredom leads us astray, causing us to change direction away from the goal at hand, but I think that “staying the course” becomes a lot more fun when reinvention is introduced into the mix. You get to indulge in the process of you and really see how you’re developing, which is FUN! No, really, it is.

A great way to visually see this internal process is through your brand development and personal hobbies. Brand development, though, is an amazing venue to see change taking place because it’s an abstraction of your ideas and ideas change as you do, even without you knowing!

As things progress internally, you’ll begin to notice little things about your brand that could use a facelift. Perhaps you may want the color in your logo to change from blue to green, or you become bored with the background on your website. Maybe you want to try your hand a new skill you’ve learned in your work life or do a total rebrand of your company. All of these things are GOOD to do, especially for young companies because they keep your brand relevant, up to date and most importantly, keeping YOU, the creator, interested.

For example, has gone through several rebrands over the last years, finally settling on what you see here, today. But along with my web presence, all aspects of my brand have changed, and the changes usually take place with my resume. I get bored with my resume, need to add experience, change a few things. Well, a few things end up in a completely new design, logo, business cards, then it’ll trickle down into my website. At the end, I’ve gone through an entire rebrand and have branding that reflects how I’ve progressed as an individual, professional and human being. The other cool thing, is that I get to use the new things I’ve learned about design!

My Resume: 2007








My Resume: 2009, before graduating college








My Resume: 2009, after graduating college








My Resume: 2009-2010, after graduating 2 internships








My Resume: 2010-2011








My Resume: Now








So, do not fear the investment of reinventing yourself, a problem or a way you perceive some things. You’ll benefit from it three fold!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re thinking about going through a rebrand or need to reinvent your brand. I love talking with people about how to achieve that goal, and how to have FUN along the way.


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