Since the employment world is by and large closed off to most college grads with bachelors or even masters degrees, I offer up this piece of wisdom that I have been suddenly, out of the blue, struck with.

The key to this whole ball of socioeconomic opportunity crap lies in having doubtless passion.

I honestly think the key to getting a job in your preferred field of study is this doubtless passion. A lucky few are born into a life where they can find it at a younger age, and those lucky few (we all know the 3% of our graduating class) have jobs they actually like  because they’re passionate and they know what they want to do want to do with that passion. 

I, like many of my fellow 25 year old peers am stuck in this bizarre limbo of where do I go, what do I do and how do I do it, chasing our tails like dogs, over and over again because of the pressure of the situation we’re in. The job market is tragic (check out this fabulously depressing example), the economy is horrendous and because of it, as you’ll see in the link above, there are people with 20 years experience in the field applying for entry level positions.

My generation is so screwed.

Except for the passionate few.

So as we spin on and on for what seems like forever we get stuck looking down two very distinct roads. To take some time off to figure out where that passion lies or to wander in the shadows preoccupied, waiting for something to fall into our ever hopeful laps whilst working a dead end job to pay for a degree we’ll probably never use and for a life we’re not satisfied with at all.

Welp, I feel cheated by this damn whole process lemme be the first to tell ya and the life I’ve carved out for myself has actually used the degree I paid 94,000 dollars for. I am lucky. I cannot even begin to wonder what people with masters degrees working at McDonald’s feel like….or this girl; who took a job as an erotic dancer to pay for her masters degree. She’s youtube famous now. Goes to show that being passionately true to yourself always works out in the end; might not be what you expect, but it’ll work, somehow.

I would wage that 85% of young adults don’t have a CLUE as to what impassions them. Unless you can somehow create areas of your life with room for acceptance and the ability to experiment, I don’t think we will ever figure solidly figure out what our real goals actually are. I’m realizing this now as I’m faced with “The Question from Hell” (a lovely post yet to come) about “Where do I want to be when I’m 35?”

I don’t have a clue, do you? Probably not.

I’ve been utterly baffled as to what makes me so different from the peers I have who are in solid field-of-study related jobs. My conclusion is that they have goals, are without doubt and because of it are passionate as hell about what they’re doing. Perhaps they’ve known exactly what they’ve wanted to do from the second they set foot out into the real world or they took the necessary time to figure it all out.

You can peruse anything you want to but if you doubt, for a second what you’re doing, where you’re going or who you are, you’re screwed. Maybe you’ll get lucky, but for all intents and purposes, you’ll wind up like the rest of us, crawling down the “what the fuck am I doing with my life” road, marred with failure and burnt out from continually trying.

I’ve been urged, strongly, by a very important person in my life to take the time to answer the question from hell so I can re-enter the world with the power of doubtless passion to endure the harshest economy the world has seen in many, many years with a smile on my face and direction in my heart/mind. Passion = direction and while I still have NO idea what the heck I’d like to do, I know that, without a doubt, I’m on the right path to success because I’m looking for direction.

You gotta crawl before you can run…or perhaps just get to the point where you’re so frustrated you really don’t give a damn anymore.





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