Every new company will run into this dilemma within their first 3 years in business, and it’s a great problem to have:


When you grow, you change, and when you change too much things start to…not really fit anymore. I guess a better word to use in this case would be evolution. As you evolve as a company, your views, mission, philosophy and ideals either change, solidify or disappear into the background as things simplify into something that will carry you off into the sunset of success.

For example: When I was a kid I got this awesome pair of booties. I was 7, and had enormous feet for a 7 year old. I can say that, at one point in my life I was the same age as my shoe size…in womens. Anyway, they were Hush Puppies and looked like something straight out of a Jane Austen movie. I loved the idea of them.


(the brown ones)

I begged my mother to take me to J.C. Penny’s (this IS the 90s folks) so we could get them before school started. I tried them on, the shoe saleswoman fitted me perfectly and I was going to wear them with some weird western inspired get up on the first day of school.

Well, literally the next morning, they didn’t fit. My feet had grown overnight into even bigger feet that needed different shoes, different socks and different laces.

Your brand is the same way.

You can spend hours pouring over catalogues, fighting with ideas and paying scads of money to get a logo, website and branding all set only to wake up and realize it’s not a good fit anymore! And that’s a good thing because you know that your business and business mindset is evolving into something greater, something more solid.

Let’s take a look at Apple.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 9.23.22 AM


Check out the brand gap between Apple’s first logo and the second. Then the second and the third. Brand evolution happened. Company growth happened. And change happened.

Brands are constantly morphing entities and change, though annoying, is a sign that you’re doing something right. So, don’t fear the rebrand. Often times, like a tattoo artist, a great designer can take an existing logo and give it a little touch up to make it match your more solidified, you!


Need a logo rebrand?

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Mollie C.

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