There’s countless research projects that have been done and that are being done about the power of habits and the power of routines….most of them say something to the effect that, “routines make life easier and better for humans” and “good habits make your life better.”

What I wonder, though, is what personality types are encompassed in these verbose claims that “all humans enjoy routines.” If there is one thing that I know to be true it is that life is nothing more than a bell curve rendering most blanket statements useless. There are just too many damn people alive today to abide by blanket rules.

There are things to be done, sorted through, re-designed, and/or designed and newness is born from chaos. Chaos is needed so that dweebs like myself can be in positions to see the big picture situation for exactly what it is. To see where the patterns are, the holes are and what elements exist that will allow for patches, thus making a more fluid system. I like systems. Order is boring for me and I find myself trying to shake it up, shake out the flaws and redesign a better functioning system. I can’t help myself, it’s what designers do.

The dualism here is that jobs are created by systems and most systems have extraordinary functioning flaws. Except Google. Google is pimp. So I have to bite my quasi-idealist tongue 24/7 in quite a few situations (remember, blanket statements are all false now) because, I’ve learned anyway, people don’t like it when flaws are pointed out. People don’t want their systems scrutinized. They don’t want them to function better because the ego would have to admit something is wrong therefore something is wrong with me.

This is why corporate systems and I do not get along…unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the 9-5 thing I have found fault with, I would LOVE to have a job where I would show up at 9, do interesting, engaging things until 5 then go home. Oh, and get a calculated paycheck every two weeks. YES PLEASE. Sign me up!

I very much want to find a “9 to 5 system” where I fit in and where my design abilities are honored, maybe even celebrated as opposed to being fodder for punishment to “show an example to the other employees that we’re serious about our punishment policies.”

Oh goody. Another shitty system I get to crash test as I’m dragged to the HR colosseum in nothing but my proverbial underwear. It’s actually kind of analogous to having to fight tigers, bears and some guy with a sword named Bubba. The first few times you wind up sitting in your car crying but after that it’s all a big “oh boy, here we go again, try not to laugh at the stupid routines they “don’t want to follow but have to.”

But this isn’t about me ragging on corporate culture. In sum, the “9 to 5 corporate system” is a fabulous idea but it’s not 1950 anymore and people have new rights based on the demanding lives that we lead due to the aforementioned systems above.

(next up; Systems Part II, Sustainability)

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