All good things, but the last 6-8 months have been a whirlwind. I tried a partnership: TL:DR It failed. I took my likes/dislikes from that experience, and turned them into new goals…and crushed them, then set new ones: Which are not getting crushed the way I want.

Why, oh why the struggle rightthefuck now? Now, when things are picking up speed, zooming toward even greater success? Why am I slowing down and devolving to watching stupid cat videos on youtube? Well this video kicked my ass and more than highlighted the pain points in my current situation.

When things grow rapidly, systems fail. Containers overflow and things break down. Shift happens!

That’s kind of where I’m at. Though these are all AMAZING problems to have (my husband says, as I stress sob into a cheesecake). The disorder has spilled out of my inbox (now at 609 unread O_O) over to my google drive archive, to my computer desktop, to my actual desktop, to my minimal office storage (my apartment doesn’t have closets), to my bedroom, to my kitchen…you get the idea. I woke up Monday and realized that I could no longer ignore the chaos and disorder around me. My possessions are in piles, I don’t know where anything is…it has invaded my mind, my emotions. WHOO WHOOO here comes the train to anxiety ville! I’ve missed a few deadlines and phone calls, am having so much trouble concentrating and being creative and have all but stopped going to the gym.

So, what to do, what to do.

The answer (I think): Minimalism.

Get rid of everything, in every part of your life that you don’t need, or use daily. Seems easy enough! I started doing some research about how to professionally organize things and came across Project 333. Though it mainly focuses on wardrobe choices, I’ve chosen to apply it to every aspect of my life. 33 items for my bath & beauty. 33 items in my fall/winter wardrobe. 33 items for my crafting and art projects, 33 items for business doings and supplies. Create space. Simplify. Change focus. Bring order to the disorder. Let in the sun!

Here’s the before.



…and the after


Like a breath of fresh air! I packaged up everything I’m not using right now, but might need later into big plastic bins which will be exiled to my basement. I have a big ass bin of things to sell on ebay to fund an all inclusive Mexico flavored vaca because, TREAT YO’ SELF. I have a smaller bag of things to donate, and have packaged up projects in size dependent zip lock baggies so if (ahahhaha) I ever get bored, I’ll be able to grab something without getting totally overwhelmed by a big box of random stuff.

I’ve also consolidated business tools and have gotten them down to 3, hopefully 1 tool that I use. I’ve stopped using Nutcache,, and a free trial of Freshbooks, 3 paper notebooks, a binder Google Calendar, iCal, MS Word, inDesign and who knows what else. I am now using PayPal for business, 17Hats and 1 notebook. With these 3 things, I can now take care of the following items:

Populating my calendars
Expense Reports
Lead Management
Account Management
Client Management
Project & Contractor Management
Time in/out per project

And this is just what I know so far! I’d like to whittle the list down to just 17Hats…we shall see.

So, the lesson of this year is: Less is more.


Mollie E. Coons


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