What’s vector painting?

Google defines Vector as: A quantity having direction as well as magnitude, esp. as determining the position of one point in space relative to another. 
…..which we all know as the antagonist in Despicable Me.

In graphic design world, Vectors are shapes, curves and colors done with mathematical formulas through the delightful interface of programs such as Adobe Illustrator(which is great because I can’t math without some computational device) 

Google defines painting as: The process or art of using paint, either in a picture or as decoration.

Well, in our case, we’re using vectors as paint. Little mathematical chunks of code and oh so smooth, candy like lines to make a piece of highly stylized, digital arts.

Here’s a great tutorial from Tuts+ if you’re interested in learning more about vector painting basics.

Vector Painting:

The Face of Enlightenment.

Adobe Illustrator CS4 3.5 hours With a wacom tablet.

Adobe Illustrator CS4
3.5 hours
With a wacom tablet.



Detail shot of the eyes

Detail shot of the eyes


all the pretty vectors!

all the pretty vectors!


I plan on doing so many more of these- they’re fun to look at and fun to create.

Thanks for reading!




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