Screen shot 2015-11-02 at 9.22.56 AMI’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the world is doing a reversie and slipping into an obsession with minimalism. Maybe it’s a boomer VS millennial thing, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised to meet others who are also interested and exploring minimalism on my out and about’s. It seems like it would be easy to cut back on stuff, but it’s challenging. We live in a consumer centric society where having new things is more of a focal point, a celebration and a marketing tactic than repurposing or using an item past its lifecycle date. Fashion and technology industry, I’m lookin’ at you.

But, it’s easy to externalize materialism. How does it apply internally to thoughts, time usage and health?

As you know, I started Project 333 last week. I’ve whittled my earthly possessions down to about 39 pieces of clothing, 42 business/art supplies and 28 bathroom products. Now that the clutter is all but gone, in my closet-less apartment, my mind has started scrambling for things to focus on. Things to look at. Things to fill the empty space with. Unintended consequence? Umm, yeah!

I thought that I was doing pretty good with the mental rat race, but apparently not! So, I’m looking at all my habits and wants now, and asking myself “what do I need?”

I need the following: My health, business relationships with the right people, to be thankful for the good things, to practice my husband’s native language (with the hope of one day being perfectly bilingual), to practice my saxophones, to question friendships, to question business choices, to question the things I think I want, friendships with people who make want to be a better person, meaningful action that supports my goals…and more things that support ME.

TL:DR: I need things that support my goals. Maybe this is the final kick in the rear that I need to shed my self-doubt, worry and inaction. But I’ve started to have a feeling, and to ask myself, “do I need this?” “does this support me?” “does this help my career and or self development?”

The answer is usually no.

I challenge you, readers, to question 3 negative feelings that you have today. Ask yourself “do I really need this? What purpose does it serve?”

Let me know in the comments what you found out about you!



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