I have this lens that I lovingly call “the magical basement lens.” It’s a Nikkor, E-series Prime, 135mm macro lens that was found in the basement of a friends home whilist’ looking for their uber fluffy kitty cat, who call be known as, Mr. McCranky Von Fluffyface. It’s been chewed on by dogs, carried around the world and loved very much. It was borrowed then bestowed upon me.

I was both stunned and so thankful for the kindness; and, completely having fallen in love with the lens, it’s become my ‘go to’ lens for anything cool that I want to photograph. The neat part is that I can get really close to things, then take their photo.

Some of my favorite things to get really close to and photograph are bugs. Bugs are cool.

Here is a mystery bug that I discovered a few days ago underneath a towel I was drying on my porch. It moved reaaaallllyyyy slow, was there for 3 days, then was gone. I’m assuming it became a crunchy bird snack.

weird-bug-1 copy

weird-bug2 copy


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