Are you thinking about getting a logo designed for your company, but are worried about where to start and what to expect? Keep reading- I’ve outlined what to expect when you work with me to design your fabulous new logo!

Company Process: Logo Design

Company Process: Logo Design

Every logo design with MC CREATIVE is completed on a 3X3 iteration schedule. It sounds fancy, but it’s a series of 3 revisions based on an initial idea. Where does that initial idea come from? How do you know what you’re getting yourself into?

Well, each project, logo design project in particular, start out with a kickoff call where we talk about YOU and YOUR business – about all the things that you LOVE. I’ll ask you questions like, ‘What inspired you to go into business?’ ‘Who is your main competition?’ ‘What types of images do you like?’ ‘Who is your ideal client?’

During our conversation, I’ll read between the lines and use my intuition (I know, it sounds crazy, but graphic design is really wibbily-wobbily stuff), to tease out a direction to begin.

Next, I’ll put together a secret board using Pinterest to dial in the look and feel for your brand. I research your competition, and target client loves to find the commonalities between your style loves.

After we dial in the look and feel for your new logo design, I’ll fire up the creative side of my brain and get to work! I design every logo by hand, and take extra special care to weave in bits and pieces of all those common style loves between you and your target client. You’ll receive 3 different logo designs to choose from within 5 – 10 business days.

I recommend taking 2 – 4 days to look through these initial designs. Sometimes snap judgments can end up being the best,  it can take a bit for little subtleties within each design to rise to the surface. Spend some time with each design, print them out and put them in a place where you’ll see each one every day- like, on your bathroom mirror, or fridge.

Better yet, ask you target audience what THEY think!

After the initial round, it’s your job to pick your favorite one, and let me know what changes you’d like to see. Here are some things to look for, or changes to request:

  • Change the font
  • Changing the color of the icon
  • Changing the placement of the icon
  • Changing the imagery of any illustration works
  • Adding a texture to an icon, or logo type

We will move into Round II, where those tweaks are made to your favorite design. You will be given 3 additional variations of your favorite design from Round I to choose from. Again, take 2 – 4 business days to review these designs before picking a fave.

Round III is comprised of small tweaks to your favorite design from Round II. Some examples are:

  • Alter the kerning (space between letters)
  • Change a the spot color
  • Make a font more bold, or light

We’ll make a series of 3 small tweaks to your final chosen logo. Please take care, however, if we need to go back and make major changes, like those listed in Round II, an additional charge may be added based on the complexity of the logo type.

Wait, but why? Isn’t it easy just to change the font?

So much more goes into changing a font than just simply selecting a new one from your font library. Each logo type is first outlined, then hand kerned: I adjust the spacing between the letters, by hand, to achieve a specific look and feel. Some logos involve hand drawing the font, or altering each letter to achieve a specific look and feel.

After all the small tweaks are finalized, and the project has been complete, I will send you a direct download link for all of your final logo designs! We will wrap up the business part of our contract, and you’ll be off, ready to show the world your amazing new logo!

Thanks for reading!

Interested in contracting MC CREATIVE for a logo design? Our prices start at $550, and each new client will receive a free Facebook Cover and Avatar graphic!



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