I came across a really interesting article via linkedin.com’s home page written by Venture Beat about the Adobe Creative Suite. Titled, “Adobe is killing creative suite…”  With a title like that, my interest was certainly piqued….if not, scared for a moment. What am I without Adobe? I grew up in a world without rapidograph pens, without long hours spent at the printers getting a proof just right, without manual photography and without any really hands-on design processes. (I always sketch while I’m speaking with new clients, but that’s about as analog as it gets for me….thanks to Adobe and modern design websites, apps and programs) 

So reading that title, I was a wee bit scared. Before my brain went into total freak out mode, I clicked the link and read it.

They’re just changing the title and delivery of the software. Calling it “The Creative Cloud” and getting rid of “cereal box software.”










I wasn’t sure if I could handle no Adobe in my life. We are a happily married couple after all

But is now the right time to move over to the creative cloud?

With what seems like such a recent release of FinalButtX from Apple; the media industry is changing and evolving at such a rapid rate it’s getting very difficult to keep up. With new web code standards and new design trends every 2-4 months, WordPress framework updates every 3 months, now, Adobe is seemingly on that train of exponential growth.

There are still human beings behind your software, and we have a set learning curve…unlike the technologically pimp world we live in thats been growing exponentially since the 80’s…1989 being the year of photoshop’s release. For 24 years, shoop’ has been getting 18 month release updates. A schedule that I think humans can keep up with fairly well.

Now, with the Creative Cloud (CC for short) updates will be streamed to your computer, bug fixes will be weekly and new tools/plugins are available immediately.

Personally, the last thing I want, is another system or series of programs that I have to update. I own a Mac, you can’t ignore updates on Apple products or they stop working. Is Adobe going to be like this too? Another maddening-updating when I’m trying to get work done-disrupting creative flow-technological component the media industry revolves around…experience? There is no alternative, so I guess we don’t have much of a choice.

I do love the monthly subscription idea though. Especially if licensing is available from only $20.00 a month, but what if I want to outright buy it so I don’t have to deal with another monthly subscription? Another monthly bill? …..UPDATES?! *cue the violins*

And, from what I’ve read, there will be more tools for the web designer/developer issue. If Adobe could fine tune Muse, I would be in HEAVEN…I would also pay for it, because the world is obsessed with being, thinking and existing online. I can’t blame them, I live there too. I guess it’s only natural for systems and software providers to exist up in the realm of the interweb.

Click here to read the full article on VentureBeat

What worries me though, is this business model isn’t really fair. Yes, their prices for licensing are to scale, but what cloud computing companies don’t take into consideration is how much the individual is paying for internet. That could potentially undermine this whole charadeBut what about the rest of the world where having fast and affordable internet is more of a luxury than it is a basic, everyday need? Adobe Creative Cloud is going to be more expensive for those people simply because they pay more for internet. And at the click of a couple gigs to download with forced updates that will likely be large, that could wind up being a pretty penny for some folks.

I wonder how cloud computing companies will factor that in? Price points cannot ever be fair unless there’s a global cap set on internet prices so we all pay the same…because…heaven forbid the internet becomes free. 

I think a bunch of greedy regulatory officials just crapped themselves at the thought of free internet. :chuckle:

Enjoy the day!


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