In the past 4 years of my life as a professional Graphic Designer, and seen a variety of clients with a variety of needs for their logo designs. Most of my clients are small business owners, and with small businesses if you can make an investment that will last 3-5+ years, wouldn’t it be worth paying a bit little extra for?

A logo should be an accurate reflection of your business, your employees, your companies mission statement, values, future, and don’t forget, yourself as it’s owner and CEO. But often times, I see small businesses with logos that blend in or stick out in a bad way. Yes, you can purchase a logo from what I call, “logo farms” within the price bracket of $35.00 and $50.00 USD, or from an inexperienced designer within the price bracket of $40 to $100 USD, or, you can purchase a logo from an experienced brand designer, like M.C. Creative, within the price bracket of $200 – $500 USD.

Where do the costs come from when hiring an experienced brand designer?


Experienced branding designers are informed but more importantly, know how to get informed. We know which marketing trends to look at and research them with your business’s area of expertise in mind. We also research your business’s competition then cross reference that with design trends and design trends for your industry to see what overlaps. There is where we find style, font, color and word choices.


Notice how the W in watermark feels unattached, even though it's part of the word?

Notice how the W in watermark feels unattached, even though it’s part of the word?

Designers with a branding focus have a years of experiences making sure a logo looks good. Like, treating each letter as a piece of art, making sure it is evenly spaced amongst it’s counter parts. This is called kerning, and I am befuddled at some of the logos I see in the world that have not paid attention to this important, important thing!


After designing a logo, experienced branding designers will always create an instructional guide about how to use the logo. Every major corporation and large company has brand guides, and small businesses should too! Brand guides have all of the information about your brand like, color conversions (to insure the colors print the same no matter what), Fonts and weights, (this comes in extremely handy if you need to hire a different designer), and how to use the logo, (so everything is consistent, because brand consistency builds trust in your customers!) 

Click to download an example of Branding Guides from Equibalance Farrier Service, LLC. 

Then, experienced brand designers will account for any kind of file type you might need going forward and will set them up for you in an easily accessible folder and be there to help you should you need anything else in the future!

So what exactly are you paying for, other than a bunch of files?

Development, design, experience and a logo that will last.

Interested in hiring M.C. Creative to design your new logo? Check out some logos I’ve designed, and/or Contact me! 

Thanks for reading!

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