It’s been so rainy and un-inspiring over the last few days. My creativity has taken a little bit of a hit because of the weather; creativity can be such a fickle beast so I’ve decided to switch it up and take my design analog for a day.

I shut off the computer, emptied the last of the coffee in the coffee bag to make a cup and whilst going to recycle the bag thought, wait a minute, this coffee bag is pretty sturdy- I bet I could make something cool out of it.  

Back to the computer, googles “coffee bag wallet”. Low and behold, other humans have had the same idea I just had! Coffee bags are very sturdy, repel water already- a manufacturer has already solved any problems that I would need to solve, had I started making a wallet from scratch, all I needed to do was get creative…and by creative I mean, follow the instructions on (which is actually a VERY cool website that I found while googling coffee bag wallet patterns) 

I followed this pattern, but put my own flair on it, after I figured out the writers somewhat cryptic instructions. I always do better with a video than written, but being April is a low month for Freelancers, I had the time to experiment.

Here’s my wallet!

Front of wallet



It’s a little longer than it should be. But that’s ok! I like the blue stitching, it makes it uber sturdy.


Inside of Wallet

Inside of Wallet


The inside of the wallet is interesting- the design from Instructables has the card pockets horizontal  which I like, because there is no way in hell the cards will fall out….which has happened to be in the past and sucked.

I added more stitching to the openings of the card holders for stability.





Photoshop has a built in filter, and will not let you open files with currency in them.

Photoshop has a built in filter, and will not let you open files with currency in them.


Back of the wallet

Back of the wallet

This concludes my coffee bag wallet. We’ll test it out and see how sturdy it really is, but I’m thinking it should be good for at least 4 years. (That’s about how long a duct tape wallet lasts before it gets DISGUSTING) 

I have a few more bags and various other items in my analog design box, (*cough* I mean craft box) I wonder what neat things I can make with those!


More about digital design Friday, in the meantime, stay inspired!


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