I got the idea from ZACH STAFFORD who blogged the whole article here and I definitely stole a few, like, number 1 for example, but decided to put my thinking pants on and come up with a few of my own.

1) Eating the last piece of bacon
(sorry Zach, you’re just too right about this one) 

2) Liking Taco Bell

3) Taking a nap in the middle of the day

4) Drinking a few glasses of wine by yourself while watching a movie or writing a blog post.
:cough cough:

5) Ignoring your e-mails ALL WEEKEND LONG
or if you’re brave, even longer

6) Spending $150 on month of yoga lessons

7) Still liking gummy bears (sans booze thank you)

8) Caring too much
(again, stolen from Zach) 

9) Being afraid of the future

10) Not having a 5 year plan

11) Wanting to explore and be lost for a little while

12) Being nice when you want to, and ignoring people when you feel like it

13) Taking time for yourself to do things like, read books

14) Petting other peoples’ dogs

15) Going to sleep at 8pm

16) Just wanting to cuddle

17) Eating 6 cookies

18) Needing someone

19) Complaining about things that actually suck despite the starving kids in Africa (see No. 12)

20) Enjoying what you have, especially if you’re lucky enough to have more than most

21) Being confident in your abilities and talents

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