Oh my goodness, there is only 1 day left to go of this year’s 12 days of graphic goodies for friends, family and internet strangers.

By now, you’ve all probably eaten yourselves into the oblivion that buys gift cards to the local gym for New Years. Two days to go until the eating, drinking, gifting and loving is over- but is it so bad? NOPE! I look forward to Christmas time! I love good food, great people and to give hand-made gifts to loved ones.

In case you’re stuck or dieting this year (I wholly respect that), or have a gluten allergy or are vegan I know how hard it can be to find stuff to eat at parties. So, I give you these cookies! The recipe is NOT gluten free, but they can be made gluten free very easily.


I give you…



Thank you so very much for participating this year! I appreciate the social love 🙂

M.C. Creative

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